Nervous Curtains: Fake Infinity

Nervous Curtains
Fake Infinity
(Latest Flame)

One of the fun aspects of listening to an emerging artist is to hear the different potential influences they may be feeding off and how the mold those sounds into their own visions. On Nervous Curtains’ Fake Infinity,whether intentional or not, the listener is treated to a wide range of music.

Nervous Curtains’ is still able to mold old themes to their updated medium. They are able to birth the past into the present. Littered throughout are experimental riffs echoing the sounds of the 80’s, drippy tones popular during the 60’s and the careless waves of challenge that made the Ramones and Sex Pistols so popular.

The whole album skirts the edges of acceptability, making it an almost timeless project. Because there is no specific sound nailed down by the group, with an open mind there is plenty to enjoy. Perhaps without meaning to do so, the band has stood on the shoulders of those before them and made music unique to themselves. There is a pulse of definition and innovation beneath these ten tracks that beats with potential; it is invigorating to hear a good band growing into something great.

The album is called Fake Infinity, as if to say it is something unreal existing forever. But most listeners will probably find this disc as taking the realest parts of music and making them count for each moment they are played. We may hear the echoes of the past in these tracks, but they are definitely taking the necessary steps into creating the future.