Nedelle: From The Lion’s Mouth

From The Lion’s Mouth
(Kill Rock Stars)

From the Lion’s Mouth wants to be a beautiful record, filled with delicate instrumentals and Nedelle Torrisi’s sweet melodic voice. However, this record couldn’t be more mislabeled or misguided. For a title that suggests a more pungent message, it couldn’t be quieter than a mouse at times.

The first three songs, “Tell Me a Story,” “The Natural Night” and “Blundering Blood” sound too familiar compared to each other, so much that the lyrics begin to fade away and all that’s left is a parallel journey through seven minutes of folk guitar.

“Good Grief,” the record’s fourth track, picks up some momentum with the addition of drums and more inspired lyrics: “these limbs are weak, try as they might, somehow they were not built right. But they could astound you when they surround you.” Unfortunately, this turn for more inspired tunes only appears once more on “Oh, No!”

Nedelle’s downfall isn’t a lack of talent. Perhaps it’s more of a decision to fly solo in cases where additional help could make all the difference. Sure, her songs are supposed to feel like a melodic daydream in folk heaven; however, Nedelle needs to add more musical diversity to give the songs more substance, and this may help to differentiate them from each other.

In the case of the majority of From the Lion’s Mouth, the lyrical content simply isn’t enough to segregate the parts of a working record. While songs need to flow together to give a record continuity, they also need a solid foundation to stand separately as well. Here, it almost feels as though two songs fit this description and the others fill the rest of the space with her voice and guitar alone.