My Goodness: S/T

My Goodness

The trend of two people in a band playing blues infused rock carries on with Seattle’s My Goodness. Led by guitarist Joel Schneider and drummer Ethan Jacobsen the band quickly reminds the listener of the Black Key and the White Stripes, there is no getting around that.

Blending blues, punk and rock, Schneider and Jacobsen have a gritty sound delivered with a youthful angst. They don’t really need to worry about setting themselves apart from the rest of the herd in this genre because with songs like the opening track “Blackout Baby,” “C’mon Doll” “Cold Feet Killer” and “Better Call Your Mother” the bands material stands on its own.

There has been several (and that’s putting it mildly) White Stripes clones since they broke on the scene and a lot of those bands are dust and bones now, so why should you check out My Goodness? It’s a fair question and the simplest of answers is because this duo is damn good.

My Goodness plays as loud if not louder than most five piece bands. As Schneider sings in his raspy tone he is also pushing lilt guitar lines layered over heavy chords. On top of that, Jacobsen’s animalistic drum style rattles the teeth as he keeps time behind the kit.

At 10 quick bursts, the album flies by like a 747 flying way to low and once it passes you wonder what just nearly blew you off your feet because you want it to happen again. That plane is My Goodness.