Muse: Under Review

Under Review
(MVD Visual)

I’ll spare everyone my selfish rant on what makes Muse such an amazing band. I figure if you didn’t already feel the same way, you wouldn’t be reading a review about a band that Rick Rubin allegedly compared to The Beatles the first time he saw them play live.

“Under Review” caters to the Muse super fans; those that pine for any and all information about their favorite band. It is a three-hour tour guided by a medley of professional acquaintances both familiar with and partial to the trio from Teignmouth, England. Candid commentary from a former manager, video and concert directors, journalists, producers, studio engineers, and even a guitar technician allow intimate access to the band’s serendipitous formation and artistic evolution.

It is apparent that very little money was spent on the production of “Under Review.” Most footage of the band is simply brief clips from some of their music videos along with an occasional live performance excerpt. The interviews look like they could have been filmed from almost any cave in Afghanistan. The content of what is said, however, is quite interesting. Among other fascinating things, you learn that the band went so far as to boil and bleach animal bones that were crafted into a percussive instrument. It was used to deliver a specific sound for one of their recordings. Did you know that an actual church organ was used during the recording of “Megalomania” from their album Origin of Symmetry? A small donation and approval of the song’s lyrics by the local vicar allowed Matthew Bellamy to do some very unholy things with his hands and feet. May God have mercy on his soul.