Molly Sweeney: Gold Rings and Fur Pelts

Molly Sweeney
Gold Rings and Fur Pelts

If nothing else, this is a disc of emotions, a reflection of everyday life. Some albums draw us in with their words, some with the music and some with a perfect combination of everything. Molly Sweeny’s Gold Rings and Fur Pelts is the latter.

Ms. Sweeney uses her vocal and musical talents to paint a picture that mirrors the swings of our daily lives. The best and the worst all play throughout the different tracks on the disc. There is no denying the passion she has for her craft; it is as obvious as the emotions that are portrayed in her music. Sweeney’s songs take us on a journey into ourselves, exposing both the positive and negative aspects of our daily comings and goings.

Her music is also unique, playing her words like notes on a scale. Though contemporary in sound, every element flows together as a well-oiled machine. There are no missteps in the songs. She sings with silkiness that carries her soul. Despite the lyrics being written from personal emotions, they are listener-friendly and have a universal appeal. Even when the words are laced with pain and loss, we can relate.

Molly Sweeney proves that in the music industry mainstream does not equal quality and success does not compare to ability. She is an artist: she creates good music not because she can or because it will put a roof over her head and food on the table. Judging by this album, this is truly her element and what she knows.