Modern English: Take Me to the Trees (Self-Released)

Modern English
Take Me to the Trees

The UK-based New Wave band Modern English have had a hell of a time shaking that one-hit wonder label. Ever since their early- ‘80s hit “I Melt With You” took over radio, thanks in large part to its inclusion on “The Valley Girl” soundtrack, the band is remembered for little else. To be fair, the group didn’t help matters by re-recording it again in 1990 for their album “Pillow Lips.”

But, they take a big step towards keeping relevant with their latest record, “Take Me to the Trees,” their first in seven years and easily one of their best. The record reunited four of the original five members for 10 satisfying tracks. Their trademark synth is still here, but it is blended in much better with the guitars and other instruments for a more cohesive, less dated sounded. The band, having decided to forgo the traditional nostalgia jukebox path many of their peers have long since resigned themselves to, have opted for a more contemporary take on their music and as a result have rarely sounded better.

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