Miss Chain and the Broken Heels: Uh Uh b/w Standing The Night (Bachelor)

MissChainandtheBrokenHeelsMiss Chain and the Broken Heels
Uh Uh b/w Standing The Night

Miss Chain And The Broken Heels is an Italian indie band fronted by the warm and lovely voice of Miss Chain who belts out the up-tempo rockabilly opener “Uh OH” with the charm of Patsy Cline and the flare of Rosie Flores. Backed by twang guitar and 1950s girl-group chorus, this A-side is aces. Flip over the 7-inch and the band is at full throat with more twang goodness of “Standing the Night.” Full of poise and happiness, you can’t help but tap your toes and smile as this gem spins around your vinyl player.

Coming off an extensive tour supporting their second album ‘The Dawn,’ Miss Chain and the Broken Heels was merely an afterthought for these Italians as they went their separate ways embarking on solo careers, starting a booking agency, buidling a studio, and just taking some well deserved time off. While getting restless in the spring of last year, the band got back together for this rollicking new 7-inch, which has been pressed in limited edition.