Minus the Bear: Infinity Overhead

Minus the Bear
Infinity Overhead

Seattle has certainly quieted down a bit since the kids traded in their Doc Martens for topsiders and donated all of their old flannels to Good Will. The former birthplace of grunge (we know, you always hated that term; relax) is now the home to a slew of sleepy indie rock bands, like Minus the Bear.

Their fifth effort, Infinity Overhead, is decent enough, sure to be a treat for fans, but is pretty meh for the rest of us. The synth still takes front and center on most songs, but guitarist Dave Knudson and Jake Snider (also on vocals) manage to channel their inner jam band players on songs like “Diamond Lightening.”

The songs are harmless enough, lyrically unchallenging, but nothing terrible. There’s simply too little going on here to keep the songs from falling into background noise. For a city fueled by coffee, there seems to be a bit of malaise in their indie rock scene right now.