Miles Bonny: Hello Jesus b/w High Enough (Big Crown)

Miles Bonny
Hello Jesus b/w High Enough
(Big Crown)

Brooklyn-based Big Crown Records opened its doors a year ago and was founded by producer and multi-instrumentalist Leon Michels (El Michels Affair, The Arcs, Chicano Batman) and DJ Danny Akalepse. In celebration of their first year, Big Crown kicked off a monthly vinyl release series, which will culminate in a compilation album to be issued later this year.

This four-song 7-inch from Miles Bonny is a piece of groove dynamite. The title track starts the A-side with a pair of versions of “Hello Jesus,” which are filled with super heavy funk, creditable synths, and Bonny’s silky smooth vocal delivery. With production by Canadian duo Circle Research, “Hello Jesus” is an older track from the artist that still stands strong today. On the flip side are two versions of the track “High Enough.” The drum and bass lead the track, but Bonny’s vocals are buried too deep in the mix to hear what he is singing about.

Miles Bonny clearly has the talent and chops, but the poor production here makes this 7-inch the least desirable of the Big Crown series.