Mike Gordon: Moss

Mike Gordon

Best known for his work as the bassist for Phish, Mike Gordon started a solo career seven years ago with his debut, Inside Out.  Gordon has just released Moss, his third solo project, coming out two years after The Green Sparrow. About half of the songs on Moss stem from the same 50-song burst of creativity that seeded The Green Sparrow.

Moss feels like an album split in two. The first half of the album has a pop feel and seems to be more geared towards being “accessible.” But just as the listener is settling into the new pop groove, Gordon starts a four-song sequence with “Flashback,” “The Void,” “Got Away” and “Spiral” that provides the ear candy listeners expect from Gordon. A wonderful jam-band mix of jazz and funk, Gordon creates quirky, catchy soundscapes on this suite of tunes.

Saving the best for last, the highlight of the album is the six-minute “Idea,” which starts out with a delightful driving bass line and brings the most infectious chorus of the album featuring horns and catchy organ grooves.

Moss features drummers Joe Russo and Doug Belote throughout the album, and other guests include organist Marco Benevento, keyboardist Page McConnell and drummer Jon Fishman.