Midas Fall: Eleven Return and Revert

Midas Fall
Eleven Return and Revert

The five brave souls of Midas Fall gather to summon sleepless spirits from the ether with their latest musical incarnation Eleven Return and Revert. Prepare yourself for a very voice-heavy album as you cross the threshold and explore the depths of their first full-length. Multiple feminine vocal tracks haunt almost every record. Shrieking guitar and chilling piano seem to beckon both voices to make themselves heard. Intense wailing draws up images of morose pain and anguish, creating an air of desperation and despair. The grumble of bass guitar warns of something terrible lurking in the musty basement, but the listener never has to experience its full wrath.

The album seems to have its own strange cohesiveness. It even plays in large part like a single extended track. The relentless intensity of the dismal tone may scare many people away from this one; it’s devoid of a single moment of levity. However, the shadowy setting may play very well to the ever growing portion of the population with a fascination for dramatics and the supernatural. On the next moonless night, lock your doors, light a candle, and grab a bottle of your favorite potion. Turn up the stereo, lie on the floor, and stare straight at the ceiling. You never know what kind of deranged fun you can conjure up as the album echoes around your dwelling and plays havoc with your senses.