Veruca Salt: Metamorphosis For the Better


The day before their 25-date fall tour kicks off, Veruca Salt guitarist/singer and co-founder Louise Post is busy doing press for the long-awaited new record aptly titled IV.

Flying under the radar in recent years, Veruca Salt put out the EP Lords of Sounds & Lesser Things in October of last year on their own Velveteen Records. With the six-song release, the band crisscrossed the United States for six weeks to promote the new songs. This refueled the fires for Post and her band mates as they signed a deal with Sympathy for the Record Industry for IV.

“The EP – that was the beginning of this new record,” Post said. “It was the right time to put out new songs and build on that. I had been hiding out from the record industry before that. I didn’t want to work with labels or do the whole rock band thing because I was kind of shell shocked after the whole Resolver album.”

The band has been going nonstop since their 1994 debut American Thighs. For Resolver, Post took over the band after a split with co-founder Nina Gordon. Post had a lot on her shoulders. She left her label (Minty Fresh). She released a couple EPs in Australia and toured down under twice. She also left her hometown of Chicago and resurfaced in Los Angeles.

“It was a much needed changing of the guard for me around the time Resolver was done. I needed to step back and take in life for a little bit. I missed out on real life,” Post said.

In her exile from music, Post reconnected with her family and did the everyday things she had missed out on, like attending weddings of friends and going to family reunions. But she kept writing music, something that was always close to her.

“Stepping away from the industry allowed me time to breathe and get centered. The only reason I write songs is to express myself honestly, and this breathing room reminded me of that and brought me closer to myself and what matters. I would say it re-fueled my drive and desire to do my favorite thing in the world, which is writing songs and making music. After stepping back and releasing the EP, I think I am thicker skinned now. I am more psyched to write and record and tour like we used to do. This album, IV, was a labor of love for sure and that felt good.”

Veruca Salt IV is a collection of works spanning several years. The songs are still classic Veruca with their chainsaw guitar drive mixed with angelic female harmonies and blissful melodies backed by thundering drums.

Making up Veruca Salt for this new offering is Post’s kindred spirit, Stephen Fitzpatrick, on guitars. He has played with Post for many years now. Joining the two are Nicole Fiorentino (Radio Vago) on bass and Kellii Scott (Failure, Blinker the Star) on drums.

“The new band members are a perfect fit,” Post joyfully said. “We have all came together like a happy family now. With Nicole we still carry on the female vocal tradition, and there is a lot of love for what we do. We all contribute and bring it to the table.”Veruca.Salt

With the new band chemistry, the quartet forged on with their new songs and signed a deal with Sympathy for the Record Industry, which released IV. The band didn’t really shop around for a new label. They were actually turned on to the label by a friend, and the label was eager to work with Veruca Salt.

“I feel right at home with Sympathy,” Post Said. “It is the perfect place for us at the perfect time, and we are so excited to release our cherished album to the public.”

Sympathy for the Record Industry may cater to more of an indie sound that differs from Veruca Salt. Being an aficionado of all music, Post admits to liking lo-fi indie rock but couldn’t imagine changing the sound of her band just to fit in to the genres of the present day.

“I don’t know if I’d know how to change my music to fit in. Veruca Salt is all I know how to do, and I like where we are right now.”