Melissa Ferrick: The Other Side

Melissa Ferrick
The Other Side
(Right On)

Melissa Ferrick songs leave nothing to chance on her latest effort The Other Side, her fifth release on her own label Right On Records.

For this effort Melissa took matters into her own hands, literally, by playing every instrument on the album. A daunting task for some, but it seems to fit like your favorite pair of blue jeans for Ferrick.

On the standout third cut, “Nebraska” Ferrick’s strength clearly lies in her soul while giving a free reign to her commanding willpower.

The singer-songwriter adds uniqueness with her opening number entitled: Beijing,” that can only be closely identified as early DiFranco.

One element that stands above all others on this beautiful release is Ferrick isn’t afraid to explore many options of characters as she shows on the emotionally challenged “Streetlight” and “Every Three Words” which portrays a curious depth.

The Other Side by Melissa Ferrick is a declaration if you will from a talented individual that is speaking on many terms not only with her voice but her instrumentation.