Matthew Squires: Tambaleo (Already Dead Tapes)

MatthewSquires-TambaleoMatthew Squires
(Already Dead Tapes)

For the past few years, Austin-based musician Matthew Squires has been turning out one great album of quirky indie pop after another and “Tambaleo” shows no signs that he is letting up anytime soon.

Blending electronic and acoustic instruments underneath Squires’ distinct vocals gives the songs a truly unique vibe. You can hear snatches of everyone from XTC to They Might Be Giants popping up here and there, but make no mistake; Squires is truly unique. He and his band have been on a prolific jag lately, putting out three albums in 2013, another in 2014.

With 15 tracks, ‘Tambaleo’ feels a tad bit bloated toward the end, but his idiosyncratic style and his way with lyrics is appealing enough to hold your attention for most of the record. It also happens to be one of his strongest releases yet, but to quote Squires summing up his music on his Facebook page: “Matthew Squires has been warmly recognized by many different critics. He’ll die, they’ll die. You’ll die, too!”