Mariachi El Bronx: S/T

Mariachi El Bronx

’s not unheard of for a rock band to try and cross over with a country record — Darrius Rucker (aka Hootie) has done it recently and The Supersuckers did it years ago — but for a rock band to cross over with a mariachi record, now that is unheard-of to my knowledge. The Bronx has created their alter ego here with Mariachi El Bronx, and they pull the crossover off quite well. The band has added a guitarron and a trumpet to keep pull of the mariachi sound as well has full mariachi outfits for the live show.

While the songs on Mariachi El Bronx have a decidedly south of the border feel and sound, make no mistake about it: this is still The Bronx and there is still some rock ‘n’ roll flavor here. Songs like “Clown Powder” and “My Brother the Gun” have titles and lyrical content of a rock song and “Slave Labor” could easily make its way into one of the band’s rock sets with some slight tweaking in the arrangement and instrumentation. The songs aren’t all fit for rock, though.  “Holy” would have fit nicely in the movie Desperado and “My Love” is a simple waltz with lyrics that show the softer side of a band not normally known for its love and tenderness.

For close-minded fans of the band’s heavy offerings, Mariachi El Bronx may not be for you, but for those who are open to new music and can take the record for what it is you’ll enjoy Mariachi El Bronx.