Marcy Playground: Lunch, Recess and Detention

Marcy Playground
Lunch, Recess and Detention

f nothing else, Marcy Playground’s Lunch, Recess and Detention, a collection of B-sides, alternate takes, demos, covers and remixes, is a microcosm of the bands career up to this point.

The collection has its peaks and valleys, and while there is some nice material, it still pales in comparison to their one major hit “Sex & Candy.” Hell, chances are, if you mention this band to most anyone, they’ll only know them because of that seemingly timeless single from 1997.

While a trio of previously unreleased tracks, “Black Eyed Sue,” “Up and Down” and “The Plant Song,” present a strong look at the bands 90’s-tinged alt-rock, the pair of covers, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and Neil Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done,” fall flat. The track “Mr. Fisher,” scrapped off the cutting room floor of the bands 2004 entry MP3, is an interesting offering thanks to its upbeat vibes swathed in reggae sounds.

Keep in mind, Lunch, Recess and Detention is definitely an undertaking at 19 tracks, so make sure you get your endurance up for this marathon of a record. If you’re among the Marcy Playground faithful, then you’ll want to grab a copy, though it would be hard to make the very same recommendation for casual fans.