Magnetic Man: S/T

Magnetic Man

Brainchild of the dub step producers and DJs Artwork, Benga and Skream (of the famed La Roux “In For The Kill,” remix), Magnetic Man is stunning, creative, and impressive. The outstanding debut features an array of seriously talented artists, among whom are Katy B and the Grammy-winning John Legend.

Though many of the tracks are predictably suited for the dance floor of your favorite night club (“Fire” and “Bug” being particularly notable), there are also a few unexpected and pleasant surprises. The sweeping “Flying into Tokyo” could very easily slip into the soundtrack of a movie, while “Crossover” feels as though it were designed specifically for the radio.

At the finish of this album, we’re left on the edge of our seats, anticipating what’s in the future for Magnetic Man. But with a start like this, it’s safe to assume that we can expect brilliance.