Magnapop: Mouthfeel


This is the first album from the Athens, Ga.-based band in nearly nine years.

On the opening track entitled “We’re Faded,” lead singer Linda Hopper sings appropriately, “We’re faded, but not out of sight.” In fact, the band’s sound hasn’t faded one bit. On Mouthfeel, Magnapop is still powered with catchy hooks backed with a pop base. The band has cultured lyrics sung by the smooth vocals of Hopper. The band is tight in their mix, and it is a nice contrast to Hopper’s vocal style. It may be as different as day and night, but it works well in a dramatic form.

On Mouthfeel, the band has that classic early ‘90s college indie rock sound that will always be prevalent. With their new album, the band has created one of their best, but with several listens they seem more carefree and effortless. The loose feeling of their recording is natural.

The equation for this production is clearly Linda Hopper and guitarist Ruthie Morris. The two don’t have that “girlie rock sound” or the “rocker-grrrl” mentality; all these two do is feed of each other and play great rock and roll.

Mouthfeel is a far cry of what indie rock has become today, but it still fits in quite well with its simplistic, concise approach.