Maggie Bjorklund: Coming Home

Maggie Bjorklund
Coming Home

After listening to this album, I would like to visit the place Maggie Bjorklund calls “home” It would definitely be a good vacation spot for the workaholic or over-taxed mother, but, for those with a zest in their step, the static homogeny may be suppressive. Such is her album. There is a permanence and calm to the flow that goes uninterrupted from the first track to the last. Not without appeal, the sound creates the slow images of hammocks and silent lucidity, similar to the moods of family-owned businesses in television commercials. Why test the waters when you know what works?

Bjorklund’s voice is that of a seasoned storyteller, rising and falling with the beat of the music and the words she sings. Wonderfully sculpted, the pieces of the album fit together as a melodic puzzle where nothing is out of place and each piece compliments the next. There are occasional, curious hints of a country-western sound hidden under a silky-sheen quality; it is like watching gypsies dance at a ho-down. It is an unusually different experience, but not an altogether disappointing one. With what could be a culture clash, Bjorklund has melded together in her songs a complimentary taste that stands completely on its own.

This album doesn’t play it safe, it is safe. That is the beauty of it all. The lack of risk-tasking in the music is not a fault here, it is a compliment. Most times, this would be felt as a lack of potential or effort, with the songs falling short and robbing the listener of a wider range of sound and technique. For Coming Home, such attempts would detract from the core of the artistry. In this case, consistency is the faithful rule that builds the successful sound; it precisely the picture of tranquility the singer is hoping to share.

With no surprises and having complete reliability, Maggie Bjorklund delivers exactly what she promises. For those in the fast lane of the non-stop-work life Coming Home is an album best listened to while coming home; a peaceful end to a long day.