Mad Science Fair: Divulges Latest Research Findings

Here at the Mad Science Fair Laboratories, we are frequently asked about upcoming research and development projects. One such request, from a Lisa Zyga of Innocent Words Magazine, piqued our interest and warranted the following response.

Innocent Words:  How did you meet, and why did you start a band?
Mad Science Fair: The three principles of Mad Science Fair are Dr. Dave Domal, percussion mapping and PR; Field Specialist James Mefford, low frequency expert; and Professor Mike Clayton, sound wave theorist and experiment designer. The three met in the dark basements of a University of Illinois research facility trying to develop a Grand Unified Field Theory to address the shortcomings of the current musical standard.

IW: How has your music style changed compared to the changing musical fads? [The three Mad Science Fair musicians have been playing in their own bands for decades: Clayton, ex-Hot Glue Gun/AD/HD; Domal, ex-Imaginary Posse/Little Black Spiders; Mefford, ex-Fidget Brick/AD/HD.]
MSF: The scope and range of Mad Science Fair’s work has been far-reaching and all-encompassing, as the search for truth does not depend on the whim of the times but seeks a meaningful connection with the participant.

IW: Since you started playing, have you ever not been in a band? How does having a band compare to not having one, in terms of your life overall?
MSF: Science is a discipline dedicated to an understanding of the universe through critical thinking, rational thought, and repeatable, verifiable experiments. It requires a deep commitment and hard work. Only through this process can there be any real understanding of the world around us. At Mad Science Fair, we feel there is no endeavor more important. To cease the quest for knowledge is a disservice to the potential of the human mind and can only lead to confusion, poor judgment and a willingness to be deceived. Life can only be understood when science is involved.

IW: Who are your influences, or who do you admire at the moment?
MSF: Enrico Fermi, Nikola Tesla, Niels Bohr, Michelangelo, Rene Descartes, Wassily Kandinsky, Gunter Grass, Desiderius Erasmus, the Beatles and Spoon.

IW: How did your most recent tour go?
MSF: Recently, Mad Science Fair has toured the east coast for eleven days, demonstrating new experiments and presenting new data. Reaching such exotic locations as Detroit, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, their findings were received with great interest and excitement.

IW: Have you ever done a science fair project in school? Do you like to blow things up?
MSF: Of course, all the principles of Mad Science Fair have had their share of science fair projects ranging from room temperature fire-and-mind-transfer devices to lion repellent, lion alarms and lion proofing. As far as the occasional explosion, Prof. Chrome Dome perhaps said it best when he said, “What good is science if no one gets hurt?”

IW: What are Mad Science Fair’s plans for the future?
MSF: Many people feel the future is scary. It looms overhead with the weight of preparedness. They feel they can change it, can shape it by their actions in the present. Yet the future just drifts off into the distance, always out of reach, unchanged and nebulous. This endless preparation for the future consumes and controls them. It dictates their actions and shapes their lives, all for the hopes of a life they will have in the future. Mad Science Fair feels that the future is the tail of a fire-breathing dragon. Only by holding on for dear life can one find its lair.