Luna: Rendezvous


Dear Diary,

I think Dean is leaving me. I found his new record: it’s called Rendezvous, and it’s got suggestive pictures of a hotel room on the sleeve. (Maybe this is the “Motel Bambi” in one of the song titles.) There are other clues, too: “Malibu Love Nest,” “Cindy Tastes of Barbecue.” (Who the hell is Cindy?) I should have known after he did that album L’Avventura with his bass player, Britta Phillips. I have to admit, though, I liked that album. Her voice makes him seem a little more romantic and a little less creepy, and she stands out here on guitarist’s Sean Eden’s spacey “Broken Chair.” But still, why does Dean have to go? It sounds like he’s sick of the rock thing – the touring, the motels. In “Speedbumps,” which is easily the most rockin’ song they’ve done since Lunapark, he sings, “I am tired of all of us.”

I guess I blame myself. We drifted apart after Bewitched. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, it was just . . . oh, you know, the cocktail music thing, then ambient . . . Oh, Dean, I’m sorry. But honestly, he never really seemed that into it. When I saw Luna on their first tour, I swear he was rolling his eyes the whole show. But I guess that’s what made him kinda cool – that and his healthy VU fetish, which is back in swing on Rendezvous. Well, at least the band’s going out on a high note. I’m happy for him, I really am. And happy for all of us, ’cuz they’re leaving us with one (more) great record. I hope he’ll be happy. I’ll miss him and Luna.

Yours in rock, Rob