Ludlow Lions: No Stories

Ludlow Lions
No Stories
(Self Released)

Somewhere down the line, more people are going to realize what underrated ‘90s rock truly is. Personally, I am having more and more instances where I feel like the old guy who just doesn’t get “it” anymore. Where are the hooks? Why is this not catchy? Why is this not the least bit fun? Fortunately, a band such as Ludlow Lions definitely did not forget these important factors when we jumped in to the new millennium.

If there was one band I could compare Ludlow Lions to, it would be Foo Fighters. But this would not be the current day Foo Fighters, instead, it would be the Foo Fighters from their debut album.

“We’re So Proud of Doom” is a perfect example of Ludlow Lions’ excellent pop sensibilities. The lyrics are goofy enough with Coon declaring “You can lie, but the buildings are people, too,” but the accompanying melody just perfectly hits its mark. As I’ve said before, this is the simple rock structure that is just harnessed way too seldom nowadays. I literally checked the year on the back of the case to ensure that I was listening to a current album.

With tracks like “I Didn’t Know” and “There’s Always A Wishlist” show they can be a fun band, even the instrumental “There’s Always A Wishlist” is a good time.

Ludlow Lions is not trying anything new, and it is easy to see that they wear their influences on their sleeves. This is classic, ’90s rock for the new millennium. To be more concise, this is fun, alternative rock for today.