Lucy Billings: No Other Road

Lucy Billings
No Other Road
Sassy Time

The independent release No Other Road from Lucy Billings proves one thing for certain: John Jennings is an excellent producer and engineer. Jennings has taken Billings’s pedestrian songs and middle-of-the-road vocals and built professional arrangements filled with fine musical moments around them in an effort to create the most palatable presentation possible. Such is the state on indie vanity releases today. With recording technology so easily accessible, if a person can raise the funds, almost any project can be brought to fruition. Not to say Billings can’t turn a phrase, “Daddy’s Last Drive,” “Blue Highway,” and “Rear View Mirror” have a quaint poignancy, but the majority of her songs feel immature for someone her age. Jennings has done his best to mold Billings into her idol Mary Chapin Carpenter, but top-notch production can’t always replace genuine talent.