Love Of A Woman: Starring – Micheline Presle, Massimo Girotti, Gaby Morlay (Arrow/MVD)

Love Of A Woman
Starring – Micheline Presle, Massimo Girotti, Gaby Morlay

Originally released in 1953, “The Love of a Woman” aka “L’amour d’une Femme” finds its way to Blu-Ray for the first time.

The film, which would be the last for noted French director Jean Grémillon, features Micheline Presle as Dr. Marie Prieur. The young doctor has settled down on the small island of Ushant, where she is replacing the current physician who is retiring. Quickly Marie finds out the island is a boy’s club and she is looked down upon for being young and female. She works hard to prove herself and while doing so catches the eye of André Lorenzi (Massimo Girotti), who is an engineer on Ushant.

Marie wins over the island and its population comes to accept her as a skillful doctor. Meanwhile her romance with André is flourishing as well, to the point the couple consider marriage, until André tells the love of his life that he wants her to give up her practice so she can stay at home and bear his children. Marie has a choice to make, and it’s not an easy one on this island, which is located at the southwestern end of the English Channel belonging to Brittany.

It’s sad to think this movie was made over 60 years ago and women are still struggling with these same issues today. All that being considered, “Love of A Woman” is a moving little story which gives women hope, even back in the 1950s when women didn’t have much of a voice.

With the Blu-Ray edition you also get the feature-length documentary “In Search of Jean Grémillon” from 1969. The documentary films include interviews with director René Clair, archivist Henri Langlois, actors Micheline Presle, Pierre Brasseur, and others. There is also an illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic Ginette Vincendeau.