Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses: Blow

LouisPrima-BlowLouis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses

With their second full length, ‘Blow,’ Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses ring in the summer months with their rock & roll swagger, a bit of soul and classic-era big band noise.

On ‘Blow’ Prima and the Witnesses get their boogie woogie going with the fun-loving title track to kick off the record in fine instrumental fashion. The swing keeps in step as Prima takes the mic singing on the house shaker “Fame and Glory” and “Go Let’s Go.” The tunes will take you back to when men wore fedoras, stylish suits, wing-tipped shoes and the women were classic beauties swinging on the dance floor with their lover as smoke filled the dusky back room gin joints.

The fun on ‘Blow’ continues when Prima and the Witnesses team up with the sultry Leslie Spencer, who takes the lead vocals on a trio of tracks – the skirt shaking “I Just Wanna Have Fun;” the sad ballad “We’ll Always Have Someday” and the fantastic mid-tempo duet “Might Be Crazy.” The junior Prima also includes his famous father Louis Prima Sr. on the jazz swinger “That’s My Home.”

Co-produced by Jim Ervin (Warrior Records C.E.O.) ‘Blow’ was recorded at the legendary Capitol Records in Studio B and features three cover songs. The first is a rocking version of the Adam Ant classic “Goody Two Shoes;” then Prima Jr. pays homage to his father on Louis Prima a Sr.’s “Robin Hood;” and gives a tip of the hat to the great Satchmo when he covers Louis Armstrong’s “That’s My Home.”

All in all, Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses ‘Blow’ is a really fun album to listen to bringing back the 1930-40s sound and giving it a modern twist that dares you to not shake your money maker while listening to these songs.