Louden Swain: No Time Like the Present (Car Wreckords)

Louden Swain
No Time Like the Present
(Car Wreckords)

Yes, as a rule, actors and musicians should stay in their own lanes. But like every rule, there are exceptions, and Rob Benedict, singer/guitarist for the LA-based indie rock band Louden Swain may just be one of those exceptions (I refuse to concede that Jared Leto is).

Best known for his roles in Firefly and Supernatural (the band has a standing gig at the Supernatural annual conventions), Bendict and his crew have still found time to pull together seven albums since 2001. Their latest, ‘No Time Like the Present,’ has more of the fun bar band rockers vibe that first got them noticed and that’s far from a bad thing. The band is in rare form on the album opener, “Present Time,” a raucous number that sets the perfect tone for the rest of the record. They keep it up throughout on tracks like the soulful “Leg Up” and the trippy “Fair.” The album’s not perfect; “Amazing,” for example sounds like a late ‘90s also-ran from a band like Dishwalla, but it’s still a great distraction from the fact that we all live in a country run by a former realty TV star.

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