Lonely China Day: Self Titled (EP)

Lonely China Day
Self Titled (EP)
(Tag Team)

Imagine listening to the Postal Service, but if they majored in East Asian Studies or grew up in the People’s Republic of China. The drum programming and sleepy vocals are still there, but Lonely China Day blends the characteristics of the recent trend in indie-pop with traditional Chinese poetic forms. Fortunately, there is no culture clash, despite non-English lyrics. LCD’s sound is as earnest and solid as any of their suburban counterparts. However, sometimes Deng Pei’s voice gets buried beneath the intricate layers of instrumentals and programming. Also, another guarantee of a purely underground, indie following is the length of their songs, “Red Blossom of Plum and Me,” clocks in at 7:10, and loses some of its hypnotic quality when cut down to a radio edit of 4:50.

“Beijing Realise” is probably the most driving track on the EP with the distorted guitars and more pervasive synthesized programming, but still does not detract from the overall relaxed tone of the EP. For the most part Lonely China Day is proving that perhaps globalization may not be such a bad thing after all, if it’s an equivalent exchange of culture and not a homogenization of it.