Lock & Key: No Fate

Lock & Key
No Fate
(Deep Elm)

Oh my I like the heaviness of guitars and bass here on this EP. It reminds me of early Hot Water Music or better yet, Face To Face.

The power felt with these seven songs is intense to say the least. The aggressive drumming battling with the crunch-laden guitars is a step above the rest.

The mix of the CD only adds to the intensity. Track one melts into track two which in turn goes right into the third song and so on. Before you know it you are half way through this disc loving each and every number. Lock & Key won’t let you up for air and I think they like it that way. Each song dials in like a four minute explosion.

One thing that stands out as well on this EP is the song writing style. The music is all up in your face but the lyrics are cultivated with honesty and caring. They have hooks from hell and the catchiness is like the cold and flu season. It is the ying to the yang of the music. And Lock & Key combine all seven songs together for one big pot of loud intelligent rock and roll. I just can’t get enough of this EP.