Lock and Key: Pull Up the Floorboards

Lock and Key
Pull Up the Floorboards
(Deep Elm)

The Lock and Key follow up their seven-song EP with this post hardcore gem that features thunderous churning guitars that encompass everything rock should be. Pull Up the Floorboards is raw, harsh and volatile at times with its double guitar arsenal of Ryan Shanahan and Mike Vera. Merge this with the rapid-fire drumming of Keith Casella, and you have a full length that is not only powerful, but intelligent.

The Lock and Key pick up where their EP No Fate left off. With tracks that are on the brim of out-of-control, Pull Up the Floorboards is reminiscent of Hot Water Music and Fugazi.

The album kicks off the fiery one-two punch of “Alchemy,” followed by the fervent “Process Of Molting” setting the tone for this 10-song post-rock thrill ride. The haunting howl and growl of lead singer/guitarist Ryan Shanahan clearly make this album standout. Shanahan often barks out his vocals to the point where the zeal is painstakingly real.

If you had to sum up Pull Up the Floorboards in two words, they would have to be dangerous and heart.

This quartet plays with a lot of heart and aren’t afraid to show it. The Lock and Key have an edge-bending sound that is fiercely treacherous.