Limousines: Get Sharp

Get Sharp

Limousines are Giovanni Giusti and Eric Victorino, a two-piece indie electronic group from the San Francisco bay area much in the vein of Bloc Party, Crystal Castles, the Rapture, MGMT, and Shiny Toy Guns. Giusti and Victorino met via the internet where much of their music was written, each member passing tracks back and forth putting their creative touches on songs. Giusti and Victorino even completed two songs before they ever met in person. The group recently released its debut full-length record Get Sharp on Dangerbird Records.

Get Sharp is an upbeat and very addictive record. Unlike other electronic/indie albums, there is no cheese here. The group delivers a hip poppy sound with its attention focused directly on society’s hypocrisies. You will find catchy drum machine and keyboard tracks for sure, but it’s the group’s thoughtful and creative lyrics that captured me. There are no cliché songs about lovers and weekends and heartbreak. Instead, Giusti writes “We’ll stay up late making mix tapes photoshopping pictures of ourselves while we masturbate to these pixilated videos of strangers fucking themselves. We are very busy people.” The song seems to call out those ever-annoying Facebook-complaining, overindulgent, lazy people that have time for everything except what might really matter. It’s enjoyable just trying to understand what Giusti and Victorino are talking about in each song.

You won’t find an arrogant attitude on Get Sharp either. The group seems very happy tackling humanity’s fake façade in a light and honest poppy mood. The album is good all the way through. If you are looking for a place to start I would recommend “Internet Killed the Video Star,” “Very Busy People,” “Flaskaboozendancingshoes,” ”The Future,” and “Get Sharp,” as the record’s best tracks. Enjoy this group and watch them grow as they have a bright future ahead of them.