Lexington Field: Old Dirt Road

Lexington Field
Old Dirt Road

I’m not sure if the blame goes to Flogging Molly, the Dropkick Murphys or we go all the way back to The Pogues to harass for convincing every suburban kid in America with a shamrock t-shirt, a Celtic cross tattoo and a friend that plays violin that they should start an Irish punk band. The result is usually not anywhere near as interesting as the aforementioned Irish punk rock trinity.

The latest example, though not as dreadful as most, is Southern California’s Lexington Field, billing themselves as “San Diego’s premier Irish folk punk band!” (Who knew you could even get Guinness in San Diego, let alone have enough Irish folk punk bands to justify crowning one them the “premier” group.)

On Old Dirt Road, their debut full length, their claims of being punk and folk are a bit dubious. In reality they sound like a straight up rock band with a violin player. Most of the songs are ok, nothing shockingly original, and not exactly what you’d expect given their supposed influences. The band has played with groups like The Young Dubliners and The Tossers, but there seems to be little else that separates Lexington Field from a ton of other bands out there that claim a love for both The Clash and The Chieftains.

Let’s simply chalk this one up to a bit of false advertising.