Lennon: NYC

(A&E Home Video)

To commemorate what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday there was a abundant amount of re-releases including updated versions of his solo records and box sets. Among the barrage of remembrances to honor the former Beatle is the little-talked about documentary “LENNONYC.”

The documentry film, is a fascinating look at Lennon’s post-Beatle life when he left behind his native England for New York in early 70’s. Frustrated with the way he and his wife Yoko Ono were being treated by the British press and the art world, they decided to immigrate to NYC, where the focus wouldn’t solely be on John the Beatle.

Through a collection of interviews with many who knew him best at that time, including Ono and his back up musicians as he started on his solo career, the film gives one of the best pictures yet of the post pop star trying to start over as a solo artist, husband and father.

Though many of these topics – like the Nixon administration’s efforts to deport the couple and Lennon’s lost weekend after getting kicked out by Ono – have been covered several times over in other movies and books, “LENNONYC” gets to the heart of theses oft-repeated stories, by talking to those who were around for it all.