Las Kellies: S/T

Las Kellies
(Fire Records)

The Kellies (Las Kellies if you’re nasty) are a punky Argentine three-piece with a ‘70s new-wave feel. Their self-titled third record features short bursts of rhythm-section heavy sounds and fun accents shouting echo-y lyrics. They stretch their mulilingual muscle with a track in Portuguese, the coolest sounding of languages and one in Japanese, though most are in English and a few in Spanish. The fourteen-track record is nothing the listener hasn’t heard before. But they do what they do – minimalist chick punk – well. The coolest thing about the album is the mixer. Dennis Bovell, who worked with The Slits, Madness, and Fela Kuti, lent his energy to the project. If you’re looking for something new, go elsewhere. If you want to ride the new nostalgia wave, hang ten with Las Kellies.