Lake: Let’s Build a Roof


Let’s Build a Roof
It’s hard to peg the influences behind the Olympia, Wash.-based band Lake. There is certainly a connection to lo-fi greats like Built to Spill and Dr. Dog, but there’s also a classic pop quality to their songs reminiscent of great girl/guy bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Mamas and the Papas. On Let’s Build a Roof, the band’s third and best full length to date, the Lake amps up the dreamy quality of their music. Songs like “Acorn” and “The Roof Caves In” practically float out of the speakers (or ear buds if you’re under 30). Every aspect of these songs is beautifully crafted – from the lyrics down to the timpani drums and garden bells. There is hardly a weak track on the record, but don’t try and operate heavy machinery while listening.