Kix: Can’t Stop the Show: The Return of Kix (Loud & Proud)

Can’t Stop the Show: The Return of Kix
(Loud & Proud)

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It has the power to bring back even the most maligned of musical genres. To be fair, the band Kix, the pride and joy of Hagerstown, MD, was always a great hard rock, blues-braised band. Given that they surfaced in the late ’80s, they were automatically rebranded as a hair metal band, and despite the teased hair and the occasional leather pants, they were always more classic Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin than Poison and Warrant. But all the fans of glam rock who were taught to hide their guilty pleasure once Grunge arrived, are finally free to break out the old records now that nostalgia has made everything okay again.

Kix broke up in the mid ’90s, but reunited in 2003 and have continued to play in clubs and theaters across the globe. The documentary, “Can’t Stop the Show: The Return of Kix,” documents the band’s attempt at a new studio album in 2014, their first studio album in almost 20 years. While not compelling enough to attract many who aren’t already fans of the band (let’s be honest, recording an album is likely one of the most boring things a rock band actually does), the DVD is sure to appeal to those who have been following the group since their early hits (“Don’t Close Your Eyes,” “Blow My Fuse”).

Impressively, there is only one member of the band (bassist Mark Schenker) from their commercial peak in the ’80s, no longer with Kix. Along with talking to members of the band and producer, “Can’t Stop the Show” includes plenty of flattering interviews with fellow rockers like Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Jeff LaBar (Cinderella), and Shannon Larkin (Godsmack), among others. The set also comes with a live CD.