King’s X: Live Love in London


King’s X: Live Love in London

King’s X: Live Love in London

King’s X
Live Love in London
(Inside Out)

It’s been six years since the legendary trio King’s X released their live recordLive All Over the Place. Since that live offering Doug Pinnick (vocals, bass), Ty Tabor (vocals, guitar), and Jerry Gaskill (vocals, drums) released two studio albums – 2005’s Ogre Tones and 2008’s XV.

The band, which has been criminally overlooked since their 1988 debut albumOut of the Silent Planet, has recently thrown their cult fan base a big meaty bone with the double disc and DVD release Live Love in London (Inside Out Records.)

The long-awaited double live album kicks in with the bass-rattling “Groove Machine” and “Alight” then the boys curiously slow it down with a rare performance of “Pleiades” off their 1989 critically acclaimed album Gretchen Goes to Nebraska.

The band takes a minute to greet the adoring crowd then gets back in the groove with the ebb and flow of “Move” and takes the crowd back to 1988 with “What Is This?” from their debut. As the show rolls on the King’s X and crowd come together and you can feel the energy slowly start to build between everyone. Pinnick, Tabor and Gaskill really hit their heavy stride mid way through the show with a quartet of songs back to back – “Lost in Germany,” “Black Flag,” “Pray,” and “Dogman.”

Again there is a curious track selection to end the first disc with the somber ballad “Julie,” but King’s X gets right back into theiur past and present catalog of favorites including “Looking for Love” “arguably their anthem “Over My Head” and their minor hit single “It’s Love.”

The show stopper however, is the fan favorite “Summerland,” which has the crowd singing the enitre second half of the song as the band played.

The trio owns this night. As the show winds down they finish off with another set of four songs, which become extended jam sessions on “We Were Born to Be Loved,” the rarely played “Goldilox,” where the crowd sings the entire song as King’s X just sits back and plays. The bands two mainstaple show closers “Visions” and “Moanjam” close the night with two extended jam sessions.

All in all King’s X Live Love in London is a 19-song hard-driving, funk filled spiritual experience of rock. After more than 35 years together, Pinnick, Tabor and Gaskill sound just as good as they did in 1988, in fect they are better. Its classic King’s X in every since of the word. Live and loud, now go tell somebody.