Kelli Ali: Psychic Cat

Kelli Ali
Psychic Cat
(One Little Indian)

One may remember Kelli Ali from her brief ‘90s fame in the Sneaker Pimps and her melodic voice that lingered throughout the track “6 Underground.” Within the past few years, Ali has broken out on her own into a new sound that varies from sweet to sultry on her newest album, Psychic Cat.

The LP opens with a booming club song, “Hot Lips,” which could definitely start a frenzy of gyrating overzealous popsters in a go-go cage in some nameless club. Other song highlights include “Graffiti Boy” and “Speakers,” though their musical content far outweighs the less-than-infectious lyrics such as “honey, don’t talk to me about money, your diamonds and guns and your bullshit, vive la rock ‘n’ roll.”

Overall, the background of Psychic Cat brings a thumping/jumping techno explosion to much of the LP; however, the words often seem to fall short of the great expectations that such an energizing backbeat requires. It’s unfortunate that the title song, “Psychic Cat,” much less any other song, doesn’t command the attention to hold together the entire album.

Despite the shortfall of great lyrical mastery available on the album, Ali’s sultry voice and the backbeat of her songs make Psychic Cat an enjoyable pop album that could hold its own for any DJ wanting to rev up a boring evening at a the club.