Ever We Fall: Keep An Ear ToThe Ground

Ever We Fall, which includes members Ryan Furlott (guitar), Adam Brazie (vocals and guitar), and Matt Szklarz (drums), is the perfect cure for the springtime blues. With just the right blend of rock and “intense” pop, their latest CD, We Are But Human, will help get you into the summer mood better than a chaise lounge and a fruity drink with a tiny umbrella in it. So sit back, slip on some shades, and learn a little more about a band whose CDs are soon to become mainstays in your collection.

Innocent Words: So, tell me what CDs or other artists you guys are listening to most right now. Then, just for kicks, tell me what it is about these particular CDs or artists that you like so much.
Matt Szklarz: Well, things I’m super excited about recently: Anathallo’s Floating World album is probably going to make Indie cut of the year. I would love to see this group live. Otherwise, I’m always behind the times musically, whether it’s by choice or not. So, if I find an up and coming band I like, I get really stoked on them. If you haven’t checked out Kate Havnevik yet, I would say give her a shot. Her stuff is only on MySpace pretty much. Also, a couple tunes from an all female New Hampshire quartet called She’s The Car. I can’t get those songs out of my head.

IW: How’d you come up with your band name?
Szklarz: We were forced to use it. When the record label put us together for the image, they decided it was the name. We had as much of choice in the name as O-town did.

IW: How would you describe the Ever We Fall sound to someone who may have never heard of you guys before?
Szklarz: We have taken a cue from a German press magazine who calls us “intense pop” music. We like that idea. We write all of our songs instrumentally first, then add vocals. So, we’re a very musically thick (intense?) band; we treat the vocals as a last resort for creating a hook. So, I suppose, expect something you can enjoy on a warm spring day, with a few tracks for rainy Portland, Ore. weather.

IW: Speaking of people who may have never heard of your band before, tell me something unique about your band that a person can’t find on your band’s website or elsewhere on the web.
Szklarz: We’ve been this band, more or less, since our sophomore high school year. I met the guitarist (Ryan Furlott) on a middle school camping trip. We were lodged in the same bunk, and if we hadn’t been, we probably wouldn’t have secured the friendship we did. Our blood is also made from hot sauce and burritos. Fact.

IW: Can you tell me where the inspiration for the lyrics to your songs comes from? Is there any one song in particular that really holds a special place in your hearts? If so, why?
Szklarz: My heart, personally, clings to “My Dog The Senator.” I wrote that song about two different times in my life that I was amidst heavy snow banks. We had a New Year’s snowstorm our senior high school year, and then we spent two weeks in below zero degree weather in New Hampshire, again, surrounded by snow. I’m not sure why I adore snow so much. Maybe it’s because it never lets me down. There is nothing happier for a child than a snow-day, and as I grew up, that snow-day feeling never left me. In Oregon, we rarely get snow heavy enough to “stick” so it’s something really special for us. Of course, everyone has their own favorite songs for their own reasons. Most of the others are something less immature than, “I like this song cause’ it’s about winter weather.”

IW: Whenever bands are asked who their influences are, it seems like most of them always give the same cookie-cutter answers: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Nirvana, etc. Who would you say your primary influences are?
Szklarz: The last album, We Are But Human, was a work inspired by touring. We absorbed a lot of music, and I’m not certain the things we listen to or are influenced by musically necessarily represent or apply to the band. Our sound is based more on how the four of us react with each other in a writing environment. However, we are huge Appleseed Cast fans.

IW: You guys are in the middle of a tour right now, but do you have any immediate plans following the end of that, a new record in the works, perhaps?
Szklarz: We are going to try to write a few bars of music for another album. We are the kind of band that angers fans by changing our sound semi-drastically every release. We’re always trying new things out, and since we don’t have time for side projects, we just keep reworking ourselves. Of course, we would rather be on tour than anything, but our van (and life) broke down in Virginia a week prior and it had to be scrapped. So, that put our touring plans on hold for a few weeks. Touring is not a profitable field, so we have to secure some real jobs for a little bit. Depressing, no?

IW: I think it’s always interesting to know what celebrities might have ended up becoming had they not pursued and succeeded in their given fields. Where do you think each of you would be if you weren’t in this band?
Szklarz: This implies that we’re celebrities! We didn’t even expect for this band to make it to this point, or to become our “lives” per-say, so, we couldn’t even guess where we would be otherwise.

IW: And finally, what do you guys most hope to accomplish with the new album?
Szklarz: We hope to expand our fan base, see more of the country, have a few bad reviews about the album get written and have us get all defensive about them. The usual things.