Kaia Wilson: Two Adult Women in Love

Kaia Wilson
Two Adult Women in Love
(Jealous Butcher)

Before Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked it, closer to the timeframe when Jill Sobule simply kissed a girl, Kaia Wilson had girl troubles out the ass. And founded queercore masthead label Mr. Lady, croon-screaming “She’s Crushing My Mind” and such in Team Dresch and The Butchies. She is the Mr. Lady.

Two Adult Women in Love, Wilson’s fourth solo record, plays out against the backdrop of the Portland landscape. Slide guitar shows up (“When My Hair Was Long”), mixed with harmonica, bells, light electrobeats (“Ants and Crickets”) and piano (“We Once Were Dogs”). Travel to the coast for the echoey nature vibe of “The Cabin” and “trees in mossy coats.”

Wilson’s warm voice breathes poetry in “Love Like Light.” Like if Elliott Smith had been lovelorn lesbian rather than very hauntingly cleverly addicted. Wilson’s singing modern love songs. Ones of universal love for life and nature and feeling part of it. She helped soften the socio-cultural norms of female sexuality, so I’m interested in what she has to sing, quietly and breathily.

Two Women in Love will transport you to an overcast mountainside back porch in the Pacific Northwest. I say: go there. But wherever you go, remember this: In 2012, two women in love don’t legally afford the same rights that a mixed-gender couple do. I no longer say, “America, Fuck Yeah!” It’s more like “America, WTF?”