Josh Berwanger Band: Oh Bis!/Back of My Hand 7”

JoshBerwangerBandJosh Berwanger Band
Oh Bis!/Back of My Hand 7”
(Too Much Rock)

If you needed any more reason to start paying attention to Josh Berwanger again, a decade after the demise of The Anniversary, this latest 7” gives you two. Sweet, sweet power pop in three minute bursts.

Much like the great full length he turned in earlier this year (‘Strange Stains’), this two-song set proves that Berwanger is still not afraid of a catchy hook and infectious chorus. Side A of the 7” includes the Berwanger-penned “Oh Bis!” and the flipside is a spirited cover of The Jag’s 1979 “Back of My Hand.” Both flawless examples of power pop executed with flourish. A great, if very, very brief holdover until he hits the studio again.

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