Joe Firstman: Live at the Treehouse

Joe Firstman
Live at the Treehouse
(Rock Ridge)

No album yet has been able to accurately capture the true appeal of acoustic rocker Joe Firstman, until now of course.

Live at the Treehouse is not exactly what the title would have you believe. It was not recorded in front of a live audience, but rather recorded with Firstman playing and singing simultaneously to achieve a more organic live sound. As for the album title, it was recorded at The Treehouse in Laurel Canyon outside Los Angeles.

His seventh album, Live at the Treehouse is stripped down to better highlight Firstman’s lyrics. The word beautiful even seems a little too tame to describe this collection of songs, from the destined to be classic “Pretty Things” to the fantastic duet with Jamie Drake on “Marlene and Her Sisters,” Firstman offers an album that just about anyone can get behind.

Independent-minded without being pretentious and lyrically challenging without being inaccessible, Firstman has just turned in the best album of an already impressive career.