Jet By Day: The Vulture

Jet By Day
The Vulture
(Future Farmer)

It’s self-proclaimed indie-southern rock, and it’s fuckin’ amazing. Brett Griffin claims, the band hinges “upon the razor’s edge between pop and rock…” I can see how vocals might yield a pop impression, but vocalist

David Matysiak’s distinctive morning-after-a-long-night voice only reveals lyrics that flow so easily they’re impossible to forget. The four guys definitely put together a hard rock sound that’s charisma is on intense guitar riffs and Tom Naumann’s drum kit.

Jet By Day eases into the sound with “The Remission,” a completely distorted instrumental that demands anticipation for what’s in store with the next ten tracks. After a seamless rhythm transition into “I Want to Hold Your Handgun,” Matysiak lets it all go, agonizingly exclaiming, “if I could use my hands / don’t think I wouldn’t strangle you tonight / you’re gonna hear me roar.” Other notable tracks include the “We’re Levitating,” which showcases a breakdown featuring keyboards that are reminiscent of Coldplay—but don’t be mistaken – JBD does have sound of their own.

Also, tune into “Sons of Privilege,” and the album’s title track. The boys tear it up in “The Vulture” with an amazing guitar solo that evolves into a total jam. Apparently jamming is something JBD’s known for. In just three and a half years, the band’s done over 300 shows. Under their new label, Future Farmer Records, Jet By Day’s getting a bit more press, and looking to expand their tour profile with trips to Canada and Europe this year.

Ahh…the world can only be so lucky…