Jesse Brewster: Wrecking Ball at the Concert Hall

Jesse Brewster
Wrecking Ball at the Concert Hall
Crooked Prairie

Jesse Brewster is bringing back the great northern California sound of the late 70’s and early 80’s typified by Loggins, Fogelburg and the Eagles, by blending rock, country and great guitars. Wrecking Ball at the Concert Hall, Brewster’s second full-length disc, shows a songwriter who is perfecting his craft and a romantic soul who isn’t afraid to show it.  The well-arranged songs of love like the waltzing “All She Deserves,” and perseverance on the rocking “I’m Not Broken,” are full of tasty sounds and energetic time and tempo shifts.

Production quality this high is surprising on a self produced album, and it’s so great to hear guitar solos in pop songs again. It’s unclear where Brewster will fit in the very prefab music world of today with his genre-crossing songs, but this artist deserves to be heard. Let’s hope he get what he deserves.