Jeff the Brotherhood: Hypnotic Nights

Jeff the Brotherhood
Hypnotic Nights
(Warner Bros. )

A band of brothers. Is that not the dream? Unfortunately, none of my younger siblings cared for decent music. But Jeff the Brotherhood (clever name, right?) is living the stoner Southern rock dream. Hailing from Nashville, the duo, comprised of Be Your Own Pet alum Jake Orrall, and sibling Jamin, scored the production talents of the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach for their first major-label (seventh overall) release.

Hypnotic Nights kicks off with an outdoorsy vibe on “Country Life”— “I want a place where I can smoke meats. Where I can drink and swim in the creek.” The brothers’ crunchy, punchy sound is a controlled cocktail of Ramones meets Queens of the Stone Age, with a splash of Auerbach’s blues-rock auteur. The record goes on to channel the youthful impatience (“Staring at the Wall”) of the Ramones, but sands down the rough edges and injects a string of light-hearted, melodic “ooh-ooh’s.” “Six Pack” is an ode to drinking on a hot day. “Region of Fire” verges on a ’60s era love song, complete with “ba ba ba”’s and sitarish guitar parts. The sludgey groove of “Dark Energy” bleeds into a fuzzy cover of Ozzie Ozbourne’s “Changes.” Jeff the Brotherhood is nothing if not versatile.

Hypnotic Nights evokes the taste of a summer night spent with friends. And possibly the desire to take a shower.