Jane’s Addiction: “Live Voodoo

Jane’s Addiction
Live Voodoo
(Eagle Rock)

What better way to celebrate Halloween in New Oreleans than with Jane’s Addiction at the Voodoo Experience featuring all four original members. “Live Voodoo” is Jane’s first-ever live DVD and features 13 classic songs spanning their entire catalog. And as you might expect on Halloween, the band makes it a show with a pair of New Orelans burlesque dancers on stage for several songs.

The band – Eric Avery (bass) l Perry Farrell (vocals); Dave Navarro (guitar); and Stephen Perkins (drums) – took the stage to the ambient psuedo-instrumental “Up The Beach” then stormed into a fiery version of “Mountain Song,” which was led by Avery’s thundering bass intro. As the large crowd swelled, sang back to the fan and presumably took tons of pictures based on all the camera phones, Jane’s tore through “Ain’t No Right,” “Three Days,” and “Whores,” before Farrell even let them get their breath and saying hello to New Oreleans.

“Been Caught Stealing” brought down the house as did “Stop” trhen the band came out for their encore which included the stage being invaded by a singing, dancing and costumed mass of fans on “Jane Says” and finally the percussion driven “Chip Away.”

It was clear this groundbreaking group was on their A-game as they whipped the crowd into frenzy with Farreell acting as ring leader in his purple sequenced outfit and flowing sheer cape. As boisterous as Farrell was, it was the rest of the band which stole the show. Navarro wailed with his monster riffs and finger-flying guitar solos, showing he is a much underrated gutiar player. But it was the backbeat boys who were the cog to thurn this bands wheel. Avery was menacing on his bass as he stomped in circles around the stage leading the intro to many songs and Perkins was a wall of sound as he hit his drum kit without abandon including jungle-themed percussions. The only fault to this show was as tight and in the pocket as the muscians were, Farrell’s vocals were pushed to the back and weak.

“Live Voodoo” was very entertaining and seemed to be a rocking good night for the fans as this on again/off again band sounded as if they’ve never been apart.