Jane Lui: Goodnight Company

Jane Lui
Goodnight Company
Self Released

It’s hard to label Jane Lui’s style since the only commonality between each track is her smooth and often sultry singing. Flirting with jazz, folk, gospel, and – dare I suggest it – pop, Lui’s third album further cements her unique style while treading into somewhat new territory (ie the showtune-like feel of “Take Me for Now,” as well as the inclusion of the popular “Edelweiss”).

The highlights of the album are definitely the piano driven “Long Ago,” a nostalgic tale of lost love and the upbeat and harmony heavy remake of Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Edelweiss.” 

While enjoyable, Goodnight Company presents very little memorable material. Perhaps it’s the overriding eclectic feel of the album: namingly its inability to commit to an actual genre. It’s obvious that Jane Lui writes and sings music that she loves – an admirable trait – but it’s less obvious what demographic she’s attempting to appeal to.

Die hard Lui fans should have no qualms adapting to the cinematic deviation of this album, but the superfluity of her musical style might be a bit off putting to would-be listeners.