i:scintilla: The Approach

The Approach

Hello, industrial. Meet electro-digital technology. Iscintilla’s The Approach, uniquely infuses intros of supernatural floating electronic sounds with hardcore distortion that puts the listener in a movie scene of an underground room painted with spinning lights and completely removed from any concept of time.

The Approach opens with “Imitation”, beginning with an overpowering industrial sound and flips into digital beats with Brittany Bindrim’s voice recorded to make her sound distant. A strange melodic symphony-like exit leads into “Capsella Bursa Pastoris” where Bindrim’s voice amazingly controls the song, keeping it at a softer level. This feel of opposing sounds- Bindrim’s solid yet sweet voice with the distorted guitars, makes for an incredible blend in “Translate”.

The Approach was compiled in such a remarkable way that the album seems to be one very long song, with calm breaks leading into powerful segments. The most amazing example of this is with “The Intruder, Part IV”, gliding into the last track, “The Bells” which fluctuates between pauses of quietness that explode into a simple but catchy beat. With lyrics spilling with awareness of the unknown, and self-worth and strength, Iscintilla masters emotion through sounds not even imaginable. Quite an impressive start being their first album.