I:Scintilla: Prey on You

Prey on You
(Alfa Matrix)

The shimmering, spooky sounds on I:Scintilla’s fourth release prove that the Chicago band has not lost its trademark intensity. The electronic-rock EP consists of eight tracks, yet has only three songs: the band plays four distinct versions of “Prey on You,” two of “Hollowed,” and two of “Ammunition.” However, the remixes are different enough that at first you might not even notice the same song is being repeated, until the lyrics begin. Instead, the remixes add an experimental element to the project, with different sounds and emotions, which may be in part due to the addition of new keyboardist Justin Pogue.

For instance, “Prey on You (Sebastian Konnor remix)” refers to the industrial musician; “Prey on You (Hard Dance Mix by Studio-X)” features heavier beats and shares the name of a Chicago recording studio; and “Prey on You (Cylab Mix)” is a lighter and airier version likely reminiscent of the band of the same name. Like nearly all I:Scintilla songs, these tracks have an overall simple structure based on power chord progressions, yet the band’s originality emerges with the fast-paced but highly controlled electronic sounds layered on top.

On Prey on You, the songs rely heavily on the powerful, soaring vocals of Brittany Bindrim, along with her poetic and intense lyrics. Both lyrically and musically, the album is full of emotions, with anger, anguish, hate, pride, and terror all being mentioned. Altogether, the music has an invigorating quality that makes it hard to sit still while listening. With a new full-length album scheduled for release at the end of the year, I:Scintilla’s creativity continues to flow.