Innocent Words VIDEO PREMIERE: LTTRS “Frances” (ft. Jesse Lawson ex-Sleeping With Sirens)

LTTRS-WorlsWeRoamPhoto credit: Ryan McKinnon 

Los Angeles, CA, — Bremerton, Wash., alternative rock band LTTRS set Friday, April 22, as the release date for their second full-length album, ‘Worlds We Roam.’

For ‘Worlds We Roam,’ the band provide an expansive and entrancing musical backdrop to 12 songs following the exploits of a bevy of classic DC Comics characters. The music ignites this conceptual thread on tracks like the first single, “Frances,” featuring Jesse Lawson [ex-Sleeping with Sirens].

The concept album also features “Man of Tomorrow,” about Vandal Savage, “Hey! Mr. Wilson,” about Deathstroke, “Legacy,” featuring Mike Herrera of MxPx, a song about Batman and his son, Damian, “Elapsed Ascend and Elapsed Descend,” about the speed force, related closely to the Flash, “Magic Confidence Man,” about Doctor Fate and John Constantine, “My Own Nebula,” about the Green Lantern Corps, “Sensus Communis,” about Lex Luthor, “The Hooded Enigma,” about Red Hood, and “Frances Quinn,” the acoustic version of “Frances.”

“Since this is a concept album, and the songs are about DC characters, Frances in particular is about Harley Quinn’s obsession with the Joker. Her middle name is Frances. A lot of the songs, I try to relate to my life. The band and I collaborate about the music, but I have the honor in writing the lyrics and stories that I wanted to tell through our songs through words. The song is about how sometimes we can’t help but be obsessed with something we love, or something we really need or want. It’s about the constant inner fights we have with ourselves to center our obsessions and wants/needs in life.  Jesse did guest vocals on this song,” said LTTRS lead vocalist, Zander Grey.

“My buddy Mike Herrera and I were hanging out in Bremerton at his studio, Monkey Trench. I heard LTTRS and was excited, so I decided to offer to produce the album. The track “Frances” in particular really struck me. I wanted to be involved and contribute to the vocals, guest in the video, and I’m really proud of the end result.” ~ Jesse Lawson

The group will celebrate the release with a special hometown CD-release gig at The Manette in Bremerton on release day, April 22. Headlining the bill, LTTRS will perform ‘Worlds We Roam’ in its entirety, with Dream Big, Cityscapes, and The Learning Process opening the show. Tickets are available now for a mere $5 at

Track listing:
1. Man of Tomorrow
2. Hey! Mr. Wilson
3. Frances (ft. Jesse Lawson)
4. Elapsed Ascend
5. Elapsed Descend
6. Magic Confidence Man
7. My Own Nebula
8. Sensus Communis
9. Legacy (ft. Mike Herrera)
10. The Hooded Enigma
11. Frances Quin (bonus track)
12. The Wilderness

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