Innocent Words Video PREMIERE: Bryan Stephens “Revolution”

Getting your start at the famous Café Wha?, the same place where Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, among many others, also did, is a pretty good resume line for any musician. Now, after 15 years leading the prestigious house band, Bryan Stephens time has come to shine as a solo artist. The songwriter-musician’s fate changed when Blue Elan Records head, Kirk Pasich, wandered into Café Wha? for dinner. After sitting through Stephens’ set, he approached the singer/songwriter and offered him a record deal, on the spot. Stephens debut album, ‘Village of Dreams,’ was released on July 21 through Blue Elan Records.

Bryan Stephens’ latest single of the album is “Revolution” and Innocent Words is proud to be premiering the video.

For more information on Bryan Stephens and his latest release ‘Village of Dreams’ check him out on these websites: